Construction Management At-Risk:  CM Holds the Subcontracts

Under this delivery, Strategy Builders contracts for a project as a Construction Manager, but holds all subcontracts in the same manner as a General Contractor.


Construction Management At-Risk Benefits

  • CM Works in Partnership with Designers From Project Inception
  • Professional Management of Both the Design and Construction Process
  • Detailed Estimates Provided Throughout the Design Process to Maintain the Budget
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price is Developed Early in the Process
  • CM Assumes Contractual Risk to Subcontractors and Builds Project as a General Contractor

Agency Construction Management: Owner Holds the Subcontracts

Under this CM delivery, Strategy Builders contracts with the Owner to manage and oversee planning, design, and the construction process. As the Owner’s representative, Strategy Builders holds no sub or prime contracts and manages either a general contractor, multiple-prime contractors, or individual subcontractors.


Agency Construction Management Benefits

  • All Sub-Trades (Multi-Prime or Individual Trades) are Competitively Bid
  • CM Works in Partnership with the Owner and Designers
  • Cost and Schedule Controlled Throughout Design and Construction
  • Early Knowledge and Control of Cost and Schedule
  • Ability to Proactively Manage the Design and Construction Process
  • Affords Design and Construction Expertise for the Owner Without Conflict of Interest
  • Lower Cost to Owner for Accepting Risk of Subcontract Trades