Value: $4,200,000
Location: 2242 Gill Village Way, San Diego, CA 92108
Owner: Missions II, LP, c/o R&V Management Corporation
Design: Burkett & Wong Engineers and TerraPacific Consultants, Inc.
Services: Construction Manager
Project: Re-level 5, 3 story apartment buildings that settled as a result of improperly compacted soil fill materials from their original construction. 4 buildings each received 18, 8″ diameter solid bar micropiles around the perimeter and 30, 6″ diameter hollow bar micropiles extending to depths of 100′ for formational embedment. A total of 200 micropiles totaling 15,583 LF were installed. Each building was lifted to a maximum of nearly 7″ by 38 hydraulic jacks connected in series to a single pump. The leveled buildings were locked into position with a perimeter grade beam on 3 sides and structural connections to the micropiles. The 5th apartment building was leveled utilizing compaction grouting and 79 injection points. All 5 apartment buildings were refurbished from the interior drilling operations for a total of 25 living units. The site was re-graded and stabilized with geogrid, subdrains, drainage swales, and new landscaping.