Value: $4,500,000
Location: 1100 Dennery Road, San Diego, CA 92154
Owner: Casoleil, LP, c/o R&V Management Corporation
Design: Agost Engineering and Terra Pacific Consultants, Inc.
Services: Construction Manager
Project: Stabilization of a 346 unit apartment building complex built on improperly compacted soils. Project consists of installing a “belt” of 218 tiebacks and structural concrete walers along two sides of the apartment complex. At the lower level the existing stacked block wall was reinforced with 352 soil nails and finished off with a structural cladding of 14,000 SF of decorative “Boulderscape” concrete. The total affected length of reinforced walls extended 1,450 LF to wall heights of 25’. Project includes re-grading the affected areas, landscaping, utilities, and reconstruction of 5 garage structures for 32 automobiles that were removed from the stabilization operation. Landscaping for the project included replanting 124 trees over 67,000 SF.